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26 May 2014 @ 04:37 pm
Title: St. Crispin’s Day

Plotrunner: Alicia

5/9/2014 to 5/24/2014

Link to sh-logs tag: http://sh-logs.livejournal.com/tag/st.%20crispin's%20day

Link to sh-comms tag: http://sh-comms.livejournal.com/tag/st.%20crispin's%20day”

Link to sh-team tag: http://sh-team.livejournal.com/tag/st.%20crispin's%20day

Link to sh-general tag: http://sh-general.livejournal.com/tag/st.%20crispin%27s%20day

Other posts: Marie-Ange; Sabine; Ben

Plot Summary

On May 9th, acting on information from Pete, Nathan takes the team to the States where they destroy two Canaanite katarkas and a number of American military personnel at a shipyard in Yuma.

On Sunday morning the 11th, Nathan gets called to London to discuss the situation. He tells Dani he fears war is upon them. On the 12th, he receives confirmation that an American carrier group is headed their way and informs the team they’ll likely be called to go with the British fleet to meet them.

On the 16th, the team departs for the naval base at Faslane. Neal, Warren, Pete and Steve are left behind to man the War Room and serve to backstop if the carrier group gets through.

The Battle of Islay between the American carrier group, the British fleet, and Excalibur takes place the afternoon of the 16th. Owing largely to Excalibur, the American fleet is largely destroyed, thousands are dead with limited casualties on the British side.

Of note: Laynia tore a ship in half. Bobby stopped a bomb in his organic ice form and shattered; he is presumed dead. In response, Nathan destroyed the Nimitz by himself; he’s glowing. The limited number of British casualties is due in not insignificant part to Clarice evacuating sailors from the sinking ships.

Meanwhile, Fabian Cortez decides it’s a great time to attack the castle. He takes a smallish team, but they do an enormous amount of damage before they are killed, stopped, otherwise go home.

Of note: Moira is critically injured in the attack. Betsy captured Anne-Marie Cortez. Dani killed Orator and captured Shakti Haddad. Illyana and Vasya drove Frenzy and Random off. Pete saved Neal’s life and together they killed Senyaka. Fantomex and Laurie saved Sarah’s life. Jamie, Miles and Nina kill Vindaloo and Mammomax teleports away.

When Excalibur returns home, it falls to Nathan to tell Dani what happened to Bobby. She, in turn, tells him that her psi-bond with Bobby isn’t gone. They don’t know what this means, but Bobby’s status is changed from dead to presumed dead. Around the castle, many grieve and Don performs surgery on Moira. Shinobi returns to the castle to support his ‘friends’.

On the 20th, Neal is sufficiently recovered that he and Nathan can interrogate Shakti. Neal plays a trump card in the form of the location of Shakti’s sister to get cooperation. Shakti provides up to the moment intel on Genoshan infrastructure. Afterward, Nathan and Alex discuss probable targets.

Unwilling to strip the castle of telepaths a second time, Nathan gathers help from unusual sources for an attack on Genosha: Betsy, Dani, Sabine and Sarah. Pyro wants to go to Genosha, but Nathan turns him down.

The team and adjuncts assemble at Glencorse for staging on the 24th. The plan is for Clarice to teleport groups in to clear civilians from an area, teleport in a different team to destroy the target, and teleport the first group away. It goes exceedingly well. Exceedingly.

Of note: Betsy’s first military sojourn goes well for her but Warren’s unhappy at playing executioner. Nur and Lorna have it so easy they can discuss ‘salad’ while they work. Laynia freaks Jess the hell out. Frank gives Nina a chemistry lesson at the desalinization plant. Sabine’s first military sojourn goes smoothly with TJ providing a quippy and able assist. Sarah provides Nathan with information from the astral plane, her back watched by Scott. Dani and Pete fake a fire at the training center by having a little fun with Frenzy; Neal and Carol play follow the leader and destroy it.

Dani clears the harbor with a huge and terrifying projection of a katarka destroying it. Alex and Mariko make Magneto’s palace go boom! And then Nathan delivers the message to Magneto and makes Cortez kill himself, with a handy assist in the helmet department from Clarice.

The team returns to Muir with no further casualties, but the cost has already been too dear.

Participating Characters:
Alex Summers

Betsy Braddock

Ben Grimm

Bobby Drake

Carol Danvers

Cessily Kincaid

Clarice Ferguson

Dani Moonstar

Donald Blake

En Sabah Nur


Franklin Richards

Illyana Rasputin

Jamie Madrox

Jean Gray

Jean-Paul Beaubier

Jessica Jones

Kevin MacTaggart

Kitty Pryde

Laurie Tromette

Laynia Petrovna

Lorna Dane

Marie-Ange Colbert

Mariko Yashida

Miles Morales

Nate Grey

Neal Shaara

Nina Hale

Pete Wisdom


Rahne Sinclair

Sabine Manon Liu

Sarah Ryall

Scott Summers

Shinobi Shaw

Steve Rogers

Teddy Altman

TJ Wagner


Warren Worthington

Anne-Marie Cortez

Carmela Unuscione

Fabian Cortez


Joanna Cargill



Moira McTaggart





Shakti Haddad


Vasya Borisov


What your characters can/should know



Bobby Drake


A dozen castle/hospital staffers

200 British Navy - Battle of Islay

10,000 American Navy - Battle of Islay

Orator - at castle

Vindaloo - at castle

Senyaka - at castle

Several unnamed ferals and energy projectors - at castle

Fabian Cortez - on Genosha

Javitz - on Genosha

Neophyte - on Genosha

A nameless newbie, one military contractor - on Genosha

Injuries/Status changes


Laynia Petrovna - cut her hair; hair and eyes black from Darkforce

Dani Moonstar - not quite right, bond with Bobby not broken doesn’t believe he’s dead

Pyro - ugly grieving

Nathan Dayspring - periodically glowing

Sabine Manon Liu - moved to London with Shinobi


Far too many Americans and British Navy to count

Moira MacTaggart - in ICU, moving out shortly

Shakti Haddad - captured at castle, moving to Glencorse

Anne-Marie Cortez - captured at castle, moving to Glencorse

Static - captured on Genosha, moving to Glencorse

Kamal - teleported from Genosha, slowly making his way home



American ships crippled/destroyed:

Nimitz, destroyed by Nathan

nameless ship whose bridge was destroyed by Laynia

two nameless ships crippled by Nate and Franklin

nameless destroyer, captured

Anzio, destroyed by Laynia

Chaffee, sunk by Scott

John Paul Jones, sunk by Alex

Gettysburg, sunk by Scott and Alex

Nameless American ship, blown up in the backlash of the Nimitz’s explosion

Nameless destroyer, capsized


the Montrose, sunk

the Dauntless, sunk

the Sutherland, heavily damaged

the Illustrious, badly damaged


Lots of minor damage (broken windows, scorch marks on walls, shattered furniture, etc).

Some major structural damage both in the main part of the castle and the hospital (unstable floors, etc).
The elevator to the infirmary is damaged beyond use, but repairs are in process.

Floor near the firing range go boom.

Second kitchen has serious scorching and blood spatter (Dani cleaned it up by now)

Residential areas - damage to your rooms is up to you.

Personal effects

Player controlled; however, please note that Sabine’s ghosts “borrowed” portable items for clobbering Brotherhood members. Weapons preferred but heavy knick knacks, chairs, the like may have been used. Please note: http://sh-eance.livejournal.com/1076.html


Communications infrastructure (central facility, satellite dishes, undersea cables)

Back-up power plant

Under-construction secondary desalinization plant

Government admin offices

Brotherhood training facility

Harbor and ships

Magneto’s palace

Overall Status


The British are openly at war with the Americans

British citizens are advised not to travel to the U.S.

Propaganda from the Americans is flying fast and fierce

CNN Footage from the crews on the Truman is everywhere


The British are stressing that Excalibur are British soldiers

The Americans keep trying to claim they’re terrorists

Most of the world accepts the British claims

Excalibur members celebrity status ratchets up several notches


Somewhat firmly being Not Talked About to give Genosha/Magneto a chance to back off quietly.
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Let's start with the fic rec, shall we? If you're a fan of the Marvel universe but you hated Avengers versus X-men, or even if you didn't hate it, but you'd have liked to have seen a different take on it, do I have a story for you.

Title: Firebirds
fic recCollapse )

And then, the fic. Okay, yes, there's a relationship between them. See, aliciam did an amazing thing. She put my girl Dani in a pivotal place in the story. If that hadn't been exciting enough, she did me the favor of talking it through with me. Then something pretty cool happened (for me, anyway) and she asked me to tell her what happened with Dani next for her birthday. This is that story.

Title: Sixty Guilders of Beads against the Stars
Author: moi
Status: completed
Rating: T
Pairing: Dani Moonstar/Nate Grey
Warnings: Major Characters have died
Summary: In the middle of the war against the Sh'iar for the fate of mutantkind (done the right way, thanks to Ali's Firebirds universe), Hope gives Dani her powers back and a few new ones. Dani's not content to stop at 'thanks', because let's face it, when is she ever? This is the story of the first day in the renewed life of Dani Moonstar, who never says die.
Notes: Follows Firebirds, Chapter 24: Waves that Beat on Heaven's Shore
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11 February 2013 @ 02:18 pm
State of the Me
silensy and I are moving to Boulder end of this month, the beginning of next. The combination of packing-anxiety and excitement aren’t kind to my brain, so I’m flailing away at trying to get logs finished up, plots finished up, and balance the urge to TAKE ALL THE LOGS FOR DISTRACTION.

state of the plots and musesCollapse )
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03 December 2012 @ 10:12 am
Yeah, that. ;)

I'm writing again. Blame Alicia and Sil this time for encouraging my unapologetic love of Dani Moonstar. I doubt any of the people who followed me for Supernatural, Torchwood, or Sanctuary especially care, but if you're Marvel readers, you might.

Tumblr showed me Nate flirting with Dani, and Clarice and Dani mocking him, then the clusterfuck that is AvX happened, New Mutants ended (again), and somehow Wanda's forgiven. This is me, taking the view from the sidelines, to ask the Cheyenne girl what she thinks of the Emperor's New Clothes. This is also me, playing with fairy tale, trying to make sense of Dani's journey and where Nate Grey fits into it.

Playing with chapters this time around. If you're curious, you can find it here:

Title: The Armless Cheyenne
Fandom: Marvel 616; New Mutants
Characters (so far): Dani Moonstar, Nate Grey, Sam Guthrie, Warlock, Doug Ramsey, Amara Aquila, Bobby da Costa, Alex Summers.
Note: Abusing canon with a Valkyrie's vengeance
Summary: After Scott kills the Professor, Dani still has one major piece of unfinished X-men business. Herself. It's a long road from here to there, especially when you don't know where there is, but Dani owes it to herself to try.
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17 December 2011 @ 05:36 am
Thanks to my very wonderful and loving wife, I'm all caught up on Sanctuary now, with the exception of Fugue which she refused to watch again (the music, not the relationships). Since I know most of what happened in Fugue anyway, I'm fine with that. I'll watch it later.

the center cannot holdCollapse )
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Oh. My. God. It's done. It's posted. I AM EXCITE. *twirls around* This is the fic I've been bitching about since June.

Title: standing at the edge of something much too deep
Fandom: Sanctuary
Rating: Explicit
Primary Pairing: Will/Helen
Other Pairings: Declan/OFC, Will/OFC, implied Declan/Kate, implied Henry/Kate, implied Nikola/Helen
Words: 33716
Summary: Shortly after Out of the Blue, Will leaves the Old City Sanctuary. It takes a year, five months, thirteen days and a letter from Magnus to bring him home.

Thanks to: oparu for a great beta; kageygirl, silensy, sheikah for audiencing and cheering me on; and most especially to ceilidh for, well, everything. I'd never have finished without you guys.

*passes out*
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Man. My Kate is a very very very dirty girl. NGL, I kind of like it. Declan's gonna like it too eventually. Right now, he's just confused.

Title: got motion restrained emotion
Fandom: Sanctuary
Pairing: Declan/Kate, secondary Will/Magnus
Summary: When Magnus tells Kate to show Declan how she feels, she probably doesn't mean this.
Words: 2816 so far
Today: 1643
What I like so far: Kate's all filthy sharp edges and angles, but she's yearning for something she doesn't know how to get. It's pretty and painful.
What I don't like so far: Kate's not letting Declan talk, and if she did, he'd probably give her what she wants. I don't like relying on her being stupid when she's smart about so much else.
What I'm looking forward to: keeping the M.O. but changing the reasons.
What I'm not looking forward to: Nothing, hooray!

at least one Sanctuary male knows how to take the initiativeCollapse )
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I'm not doing NaNo, because I need to develop the habit of writing every day, not kill myself to write a particular number of words every day. So, I'm doing what I call JODD, Just Open the Damned Document. I have to put keystrokes in a story document every day, even if they get deleted, even if it's just a few words, but I have to open something and try. So far, it's going well.

I finished the Epic Fic of Doom, and the gorgeous glorious oparu is putting up with my neuroses long enough to beta it. Which it really needs. I've been working on it so long that I've lost the sense of it as a complete work.

Last night I started on a shorter fic that's been poking around in my brain for awhile. It's a Declan/Kate five things fic, mostly pornish. I hope to finish it by Tuesday.

Title: got motion restrained emotion
Fandom: Sanctuary
Pairing: Declan/Kate
Summary: When Magnus tells Kate to show Declan how she feels, she probably doesn't mean this.
Words: 1142 so far
Today: 1142
What I like so far: Kate's all filthy sharp edges and angles, but there's a sweetheart underneath.
What I don't like so far: Declan's a little bit of a cypher, more a projection of Kate's sexual thoughts about him than a real person.
What I'm looking forward to: bringing Declan forward as a character through Kate getting to know him better
What I'm not looking forward to: Nothing, hooray!

somehow he"s the hottest guy in hereCollapse )
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03 November 2011 @ 10:54 pm
1. Allie
2. Alisa
3. Belle (J calls me this sometimes)
4. Wife (Sil, usually)
5. Li (My mother and my sister)
6. A (which is actually more common than anything but Allie)

1. navy blue camisole
2. blue and white plaid bra
3. worn brown exercise shorts

1. for my nose and ears to stop feeling congested and my eyes to stop being itchy
2. for my kitty to be 3 instead of 19. :/
3. to have finished my work for the day so that I can write some more and do tags

1. silensy
2. meredevachon
3. just_katarin

(Because ceilidh and cerie both already did it)

1. worked on the fic I've been writing for months
2. wrote tags
3. walked 13,000 steps on Walk it Out

1. Dr. Christie, the vet
2. the pharmacist
3. um, probably my mom?

(I don't talk on the phone, EVER)

THREE THINGS YOU ARE GOING TO DO TOMORROW: the same thing I do every day, Pinky... um.
1. start a new fic
2. catch up on TV
3. do the work I didn't do today

1. Diet Coke
2. Coffee
3. Lime LaCroix water
4. A really good Malbec

1. finishing my fic
2. RP
3. gingerbread latte
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03 November 2011 @ 08:34 am
I can't believe it's November and I started writing this fic in June. For me, that's either a disaster or some new milestone of dedication. The last time I spent this long on a writing project, it was a novel. I'm trying to remember that I was sure that one sucked by the end too, that I wasn't sure of anything and I second-guessed the last 30 pages every time I sat down to write.

It's hard, too, knowing that even though I'm at most 3 scenes from being done, that it's going to be more than 35,000 words by the time it's done and I have to edit them all. I'm not uber-attached to each and every precious word, but I've been editing as I go along. To have to go back and edit more is really depressing. But not editing it's even more depressing, because it says the project's not worth the extra time. Yet, I still want to be done and writing the next thing. Maybe I'll write some short, fun, sexy stuff while I'm waiting for a beta on this one, or while I'm just editing it. I don't know. :/

Actually, speaking of betas, any of my usual suspects out there who haven't been reading along who have time to put a fresh eye on 35K of Magnus/Will? Any of my not so usual suspects? (Man, way2busymom I wish you were in this fandom; I miss your betas). I'm sure there are some typos and the like, but it's mostly clean for typos and my usual aphasia, and definitely clean for grammar/spelling/punctuation minus oddities for voice.

Since I'm whinging at you, have some fic. I'm hoping to be done and posting on Monday.

Title: the memory of choosing not to fight
Fandom: Sanctuary
Pairing: Will/Helen, secondary Declan/Kate
Word Count: 33,171 and counting; 3 scenes from the end
Today so far: 506
Warning: schmoopy schmoop.

after 30K of angst, he deserves a happy endingCollapse )
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13 October 2011 @ 01:03 pm
The days of Will/Feelings OTP are over. He has finally coughed up the frakking porn. Not once, but twice! So it is Will/Magnus OTP FINALLY at 30,247 words. :D

I think there will be one more sex scene, possibly two, and two other scenes, and then it's done. I'm expecting it to weigh in at 35K before kageygirl digs into it and makes me rip words out or add words in. But I think I'll be done by Monday. YAAAAAAAAAAY.

Title: [oh who the fuck knows, I rename this thing every time I work on it]
Fandom: Sanctuary, duh
Pairing: Will/Feelings OTP Will/Magnus
Word count: 30,247 and counting
Today so far: 745 so far

in which it gets a little sexyCollapse )
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Dear Will:

22,739 words later you are STILL not in the same as the room as the woman. Congratulations, though, on being separated by only one door.

22,739 words later, my promise still holds. You can have ALL THE FEELINGS IN THE WORLD. You can even TELL her how you FEEL. If you will just


I'm not even mad. Really, I'm not. Just... if we could make with the naked sometime in the next 5,000 words, that would be SWELL.

Message received, dude. Message received. Attached please find one silk-wrapped, tearfully yours Helen Magnus.



Title: [oh who the fuck knows, I rename this thing every time I work on it]
Fandom: Sanctuary, duh
Pairing: Will/Feelings OTP
Word count: 25,726 and counting
Today so far: 327 but they were really important words; the ones below are not them, but they're fun too.

In which Will is exceedingly cleverCollapse )
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29 July 2011 @ 11:09 am
Okay, I need music halps (help + haps) again. I'm working on the sex for the Longest "Short Porn" Ever (aka the monster story that ate my soul), and I need some musical inspiration. Relevant points: it's het, it's angsty long time away reunion, it's epic, and it's nothing but love.

Quick post, since I'm on the run, what are you writing your porn to these days? Or if you don't write it, got any suggestions anyway?
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Short porn. Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh. Sure it's going to be a short pornish interlude in the Damascus fic and I'll be done in a few days. Mmmmhmmm.

15,000 words later and still no porn. Honestly, considering there's about six people in the fandom who have any interest in Will, I'm not sure why I keep writing. Except that I need to finish this story and see how they end up together. So, you guys are stuck with it, I guess.

Have some words.

Title: weep now for the memories
Fandom: Sanctuary
Pairing: Will/Magnus
Words: 15229 so far

an education in comparative mythology would probably take less time, AllieCollapse )
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14 July 2011 @ 11:29 am
Things I blame silensy for this week:
*SG-1 rewatch
*Threesome lad

Things I blame sheikah for this week:
*promise rings
*everything ever

Things I blame ceilidh for this week:
*SAM/DANIEL (I still can't make that story go away, damn it)

Will's life seems like one long bad dream from which he can't wake up. Ever since his mother died (27 years ago, you'd think he'd be over it by now), he can't stop feeling like there's something he's missing, like a butterfly slipping through his grasp or something just beyond the edge of sight and if he could just move faster, if he could just fight his way clear of the fog, he'd see it, bright and shining and plain as day. He's seen The Truman Show about a thousand times and The Matrix and Inception. If he could just find the red pill...

He's chasing a kid in an alleyway, watching him climb faster and farther than he should even remotely be able to, no matter how scared he is. Adrenaline just doesn't do that. Will knows; he's been there. The next thing he knows, he's on his back and there's a carriage drawn by skeletal horses and the most amazing looking woman he's ever seen is stepping out of it in dark purple robes that should be ridiculous but somehow are just...hot.

"Terribly sorry, Will. Terribly. It's all been an unfortunate mix-up. We should've gotten this to you years ago. You're far too old for it, but there's nothing to be done now except plunge on ahead. Are you all right, then? Let's see about the head..."

* * *

Things I blame me for:
*everything else especially the bad stuff.

Title (working): weep now for the memories
Fandom: Sanctuary
Pairing: mostly Will/Magnus
Word count: 13071

getting closer to homeCollapse )
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Pointless update is more or less pointless, but it's 3:30 am and sheikah isn't up yet and silensy and ceilidh and meredevachon have abandoned me for bed. I'm still writing because I don't dare sleep. Not after last night's dreams. The combination of cramps, angsty Sanctuary fic, and a pregnant muse make for very fertile nightmares. "She can't be dead. The baby needs her Aunt Helen," is not how I want to wake up, pretty much ever again. Okay? Okay.

Re angsty fic, the 'short porn with crying stubborn!Magnus' is now 11,641 words and maybe 3/5 done. If you're laughing, eff off yo. *pout* The other forward-backward timeline fic is stalled while I finish this one. So is the getting caught fic which seems to have completely stalled in favor of angsty-ass fic. I'll have to re-evaluate when this one's done. Apparently I have a "Taming of the Shrew" Kate 5 kisses fic for the Kiss-a-Thon which also seems to be stalling. So I'll do a round-up sometime tomorrow probably.

Memo: listening to endless loops of Sarah McLachlan =/= cheering self up. JSYK. (Shocking: Tori Amos and Anna Nalick not much better.)

One cool thing: That Amazing Moment when you're about to unload All of the Meta Ever to explain why Will is retching his guts up and you realize you don't have to, because you're talking to Will-girl X and she just knows.

Have some fic words in the secondary storyline: the epic bromance of Will and Declan. I figure it's going to be weeks before I'm done, so why not?

Title: weep now for the memories
Fandom: duh, Sanctuary
Word count: 11,641 and counting
Pairing: Will/Magnus, implied Declan/Kate

pacifistic bipedal pygmy elephant chance manipulator or Lucky CharmsCollapse )
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So heeeeeeeeeeeeeey, kageygirl tells me today is International Kissing Day. Wow. Isn't that appropriate? :D I can't think of a better excuse (like we needed one) to encourage more people to write/play in our Current Team Impromptu Kiss-a-Thon.

Come oooooooonnnnnnn, you know you wanna. Prompts are scattered throughout here, but you don't need one or you can make your own. You can write one that's already written, too. The only "rule" is that one member of the current Sanctuary team (not including Magnus), current generation of Sanctuary people, or various Abnormals must be an active participant in the kissing. Everyone is welcome.

It's totally informal, just for fun, so don't feel intimidated! Come join the fun.

Here's what we got up to yesterday:

feronia's Shut Your Mouth (Tesla/Will)

feronia's Was it Good for You (Will/Kate)

feronia's IPod Shuffle (Will/Magnus)

feronia's Three Things (Magnus/Tesla)

shetiger's Damned If You Don't (Tesla/Kate)

technosage's I Never Knew You Cared (Will/Tesla)

All Teen or below.

Previous two round ups are here:

Round up 1 includes: Magnus/Kate, Will/Magnus, Kate/Declan.

Round up 2 includes: Tesla/Henry, Kate/Lauren Cruz (White Collar), Kate/Henry, Declan/Sam Carter (SG-1), Declan/Kate, Will/Kate.

Come read and enjoy!
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Over the long weekend, lots more kiss ficlets got posted and we're still going. And we'll be still going as long as anyone wants to keep contributing. I know I'm not done yet. There can never be enough kissing. Never!

Here's what we got up to:

bessemerprocess's The Moment When Everything Goes Right (Tesla/Henry)

bessemerprocess's I Don't Do Cops (Crossover w/ White Collar, Kate/Lauren Cruz)

liliofthevalley left us a gif of the Kate/Henry kiss in Vigilante.

sheikah's Losing the Bet (Crossover w/ SG-1, Declan/Sam Carter)

shetiger's On Top of the World (Declan/Kate)

windandthestars's Tossing and Turning (Will/Kate)

and the previous batch is collected here.

We're still writing kissing! Come play!
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01 July 2011 @ 03:11 am
Okay, so a couple of days ago, I ordered up a steaming or sweet helping of kissing fic/art/whathaveyou for Current Team Sanctuary. That post is here. To my mind, there's not NEARLY enough kissing and the holiday weekend is the perfect time to make there be more of it.

Like I'm planning Will/Declan and more Will/Magnus and probably Kate/Declan/Henry, if I get the juice for it. Join me? We can have more prompts, more anything really. There can never be enough kissing and everyone continues to be welcome!

* * *

And because it should be easier to find all the yummy kissing, here's a master list so far, alpha by author:

cata_clysmiic's Teasing the Boys (Magnus/Kate, Henry, Will)

ceilidh's On the Edge (Will/Magnus)

geonncannon's She Stole It (Kate/Declan)

grav_ity's She Stole It (Kate/Declan)

shetiger Pranayama (Will/Magnus)

technosage's What You Can't Steal (Will/Magnus)

Enjoy! And help us make MUCH more kissing. Happy holidays!
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So, I was talking to the fangirl collective and saying that I can't figure out how someone isn't kissing Will or getting kissed by Will at all times because seriously boy has a purty mouth! AHEM.

Anyway, then I realized that there just isn't enough kissing in Sanctuary fandom. We need to fix this! Impromptu current team kiss-a-thon? Yes, no, Allie you're high again? Whatever. I'm bored. Come play with me.

In the comments, post:

* kissing prompts of any kind, frex:
- a good night kiss
- a good night kiss for Will
- a good night kiss from Will
- a good night kiss between Will and Declan
- a vid of Will kissing Magnus
- a drabble of Magnus kissing Kate
- a fan drawing of Henry kissing Kate
- a magnum opus about all the current team kissing each other because of a kissing Abnormal
- a story about the four times Will kissed Tesla and the one time Tesla kissed him

* links to current team members kissing/getting kissed "stuff" that's already out there

* links to completion of prompts (I'll round them up for posting a master list at some point)


Notes: this is impromptu, not a challenge, come as you are, and everyone is welcome; must focus on kissing but how you define kissing/where on the body the kissing occurs is up to you; members of the Five and crossovers are certainly permitted but there must be one member of the current team (not including Magnus) as a primary. Current team = Will, Kate, Henry, Biggie, Declan, other current generation dead or one-shot characters and Abnormals.
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26 June 2011 @ 12:44 pm
I'm writing like the wind --

Okay more like the tortoise of Tortoise and Hare fame, but whatever. I've got 745 new words so far today and more to come.

But the jazz I was listening to for the last fic isn't really working for me for this one. Bring out your Will/Magnus, or just plain Will playlists, everyone. Don't care if you've told me already what you listened to.

Post in comments and I'll...um...get someone to make us great fanart for a master fanmixing, idek. Uploading or linking in Grooveshark (especially this) is shiny!

* * *

Here, have a bribe:

Title: weep not for the memories
Fandom: Sanctuary, duh
Pairings: Will/Magnus, Magnus/Tesla, Will/Declan almost, Will/Declan/Kate almost, Will/OFCs including Declan's sister; basically, Will everyone and somehow the closest things to porn are an aborted video striptease, a refused threesome, and a kiss on the forehead. SIGH.
Word count: 6814 and counting
Today so far: 745

these are not the words you"re looking forCollapse )
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24 June 2011 @ 01:24 pm
I threatened to do this earlier, and it's my day off and I'm too hyper to write consistently, so here it is.

What are your Will kinks, your Will/Helen kinks, the things that seem to end up in your every Will or Will/Helen fic? It can be anything, no matter how small.

Allie blabs more and still more about Helen/Will, but mostly WillCollapse )

Okay, that's me starting it. I have kinks, like h/c forever, but I haven't written it yet. WHAT IS YOURS?
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24 June 2011 @ 10:58 am

I'm up to 4377 angsty words of Will without Helen and no porn. And he kept me up most of the night writing them. Fortunately there was Declan being LOVELY and Kate being vaguely hilarious and OCs hitting on Will and KITTENS to make it less painful.

I'm not even kidding, you guys, there are glowing kittens. It's a very short appearance. I may have to expand it because they're too cute for their little wee paws. Will, I do not even know. HOW ARE YOU MAKING ME WRITE ABOUT GLOWING KITTENS?

This is NOT sex with Helen! On the other hand it could be sex, I mean, for me, you with a bunch of glowing kittens is sex for my heart and my eyes and I look like this: <3_<3

However, on the sexy upside, thanks to a late night burst of talking with cata_clysmiic I have FIGURED OUT THE PORN. And Will is going to go along with it, without even being too troublesome.

For future, if you are having problems, apply this formula: Helen + lingerie + tears. It is MAGIC. He can't resist. I mean it's like porn catnip!

* * *

Since I'm tormenting you with my trials and tribulations again, have some words for your pains:

in which Will is angsty as hell and Declan is lovelyCollapse )
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Listen, Will -

Wherein Allie talks to WillCollapse )


* * *

This post brought to you by the letters A, C, C, WZ and HM, and the fact that Will-girls are very silly girls. For reference, while sharing fic in progress:

on the care and feeding of Will ZimmermansCollapse )

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22 June 2011 @ 01:52 pm
Okay guys. Sanctuary Big Bang deadline has been extended to October 1. It's only 25K, and I have about four fic ideas that are in the 50K range.

1. Road to Damascus - the past/present Will remembers Helen/Will and Kate's lives are hard, Will/Helen story.

2. Goddesses - the Will/Kali, Will/Helen, possibly Will/Kali/Helen, possibly Will/Kali/Falon etc myth-arc story.

3. The Escort Fic - Will/Helen. Will's working as an escort to make ends meet and Helen's really lonely.

4. Noir - Will/Helen. Will's a PI and Helen's a hot dame with a bad bad problem.


A) Should I sign up for Big Bang or just keep pushing on with the writing in the order I want to?

B) If I sign up for Big Bang, which fic should I use as my sign-up fic, with the certainty that it's going to change if I get too excited about the fic and finish it before September 1?


ETA: I signed up here: http://sfa-bigbang.livejournal.com/821.html?thread=27189#t27189 with the Noir fic - since I'm going to eventually write the fic anyway, a deadline won't hurt and if I don't have a plot/15K by the interrim deadline, I'll drop out.
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22 June 2011 @ 11:48 am

linaerys is sponsoring a Porn Paragraphathon. It's multifandom (I tossed a few Sanctuary prompts up there, so come help spark the muses), open to absolutely everyone, and the bonus is, if you play, there ends up being a lot of really hot short porn. It's just a paragraph (you can write more if you want), and there's no deadline.

Sanctuary-friends, who wants to commit to write at least one smutty paragraph today?

Come on, all. Spread the word.

* * *

Hiatus is upon us, Sanctuary fandom. On the one hand, OMGSADIWANTMORENOW. But on the other hand(s) (it is Sanctuary after all; we could have lots of hands. Plus, topical!), *steeples fingers* that means Sanctuary is ALL OURS for the entire summer. We can use and abuse it as much as we want.

In that spirit, and in the spirit of a more cohesive and supportive Sanctuary fandom:

penknife has put together a Sanctuary Polyfic challenge. Rules are here. They're pretty simple and anyone can play; it's prompt claiming not a ficathon. Right now, we're in the prompt period from June 22-June 28. Prompts are here.

I made ALL THE PROMPTS IN THE WORLD. Because apparently even when it comes to prompting, I hog All the Words. I'll promptly end up making more of them just because, what the heck? If good fic (especially the crossovers, I want them preciouses) happens because of them, this Old Fandom Hag will be very very happy.

Come add yours. Really, everyone and every moresome is welcome.
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20 June 2011 @ 06:14 pm
Every time I read around in a fandom, I find myself frustrated with the same set of things. They've cropped up again in Sanctuary fandom, and because it's Monday and I should be working, I've decided to write a few thoughts down instead. No matter what I say, some people are bound to take them as an attack, but they're really not meant as one. They're meant, no more, no less, to attempt to address head on the things that divide us as fans that just keep happening.

Maybe I'm a pollyanna, but I think, it's actually that I'm an Old Fandom Hag. There is nothing new under the sun in fandom, so why don't you damned kids get off my lawn? *shakes invisible cane*


That said, I really am not attacking anyone, even though certain posts did inspire my decision to do this today. If you wrote one of them, and you feel like yelling at me, go ahead.* You're likely to find I won't yell back, and if you're civil, we may even bridge the unbridgeable divides. ;)

So here it is.

Shipping WarsCollapse )

The Great Characterization DebateCollapse )

Issues We Can Has ThemCollapse )

So, to sum up, GET OFF MY LAWN. And, there is no RIGHT ship, no RIGHT characterization, no RIGHT way that a character would approach an issue, and your depression doesn't look like my depression.


*Seriously, folks, I'm not picking on anyone. If you decide to argue, my journal, my rules: no flaming, no attacking, no calling names. You can argue as much as you want, but be civil to each other, or I'll ban your asses.

**Disclaimers aren't get out of jail free cards. If I screwed up, tell me, and we can talk about it. Because I need to be educated too.
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19 June 2011 @ 12:28 pm
I have all the long fic ideas in the world, which is great for my brain. Not so great for getting anything else done. I've got work and RP and and and, but I want to write and finish some things!

Short Will/Magnus smut-bunnies please? I'd consider Kate/anyone or Will/anyone-but-Abby, too, if you've got something great. Crossovers included. But SMUT ONLY no big Crossover Ideas that Ate The World or I KEEL you.

HALP. Specific sex acts or scenarios welcome, even without the pairings.

This is not a promise to write prompts. It's me begging you to bunny me away from long fic for the day. >.>
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19 June 2011 @ 12:59 am
This is mostly organizational, but feel free to comment if you want. Because anyway, it's all Cerie's fault for bunnying me repeatedly.

Sanctuary fic list
1. Road to Damascus - past-tense reliving of Will's journey to the present through his episode-by-episode memories, mostly of Helen; paired with a present tense journey of Sanctuary life focusing mainly on the romantic misadventures of Kate and Declan, and Kate and Henry, and Abby...and not really Will. Helen/Will, epic romance, long.

2. Getting Caught - challenge fic, porn-heavy Will/Helen, on the theme of 'getting caught'. 10-15K probably.

3. Escort fic - Will's working as an escort to make ends meet in his PI business; Helen's lonely. Epic romance, of course. longish. Will/Helen.

4. Noir fic - Will's a PI and Helen's a gorgeous dame with a bad bad problem. Her daughter's missing, but it's the ex-husband who's the real problem. Aggressively long mystery-romance. Will/Helen; maybe Henry/Ashley, maybe John/James, maybe Declan/Kate.

5. Through the years - Will remembers the woman who rescues him and spends his life trying to find her. When he does, nothing is as it seems, and neither he nor Helen can fight the attraction despite the weird beginnings. 10Kish?

6. First time challenge - nothing here yet but a commitment to do it.

7. Album bunny - whatever, Cerie, we're totally doing this. Everyone picks an album and writes one fic/let for each song.

8. Kali fic - they all got off too easy and now Fallon's gone. No idea when I'll write this or what it will look like. But I feel like it needs to be done!

Sigh. *put upon* Can't someone bunny me for something short? Maybe something smutty?
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16 June 2011 @ 03:46 pm
I think, fingers crossed, that I may have found my prodigal muse. I've written more fic words in the last three days than I have in months. Or, maybe Will and Helen just inspire me. Either way, I'll take it.

* * *

ceilidh already finished her challenge fic and that's making me feel like a slacker. Plus, I feel we need a new challenge for her, since she finished it already and we'll all benefit. Callie, what should we do next. You finished first, so you decide!

* * *

The fic I'm working on instead of my challenge fic is apparently a tour of all episodes of Sanctuary through Will's memories juxtaposed against a present tense story possibly set after OOTB. I'm really pleased with it so far, except the fact that sheikah seems to like the Kate and Will friendship better than the rest of it. XD

Cheer me on?

Working Title: Curios
Fandom: Sanctuary
Length: currently 2343 words (and I'm only 2 episodes in, oh god help)
Pairing: Will/Helen, Declan/Kate, Kate/Henry
Rating: Weirdly, no smut I'm pretty sure, so PG

he"d been wrong, sort ofCollapse )

* * *

I have all the work and tags in the world and all I want to do is write fic. Oh help.

Oh, right. I finally posted that other fic last night. It's over here, if you missed it or you care.
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15 June 2011 @ 08:19 pm
Finally finished this piece I've been working on forever. Something a little sexier up next... I think. ;)

Title: Chambord
Author: technosage
Rating: Gen, PG for language
Word Count: 5729
Spoilers: Pilot
Disclaimer: I wish he was mine.
Summary: Contradictions make a mystery and Will has time, and need, to follow.
Notes: OC death. Hints of Will/Helen, if you're so inclined.

( Chambord )
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First, if you even consider shipping Will/Magnus, Sanctuary fans, run don't walk to read:

Carentan fics

missparker's Throw a Little Salt, We Were Never Here

ceilidh's Comes the Night and the delicious follow up Take a Break

Out of the Blue fic

sheikah's the stars have all been blown out

cata_clysmiic's untitled

* * *

Second, that Will POV pre-series character piece I was working on hit 4297 words last night. It's like three scenes from done and I could use a quick once-over beta for proofreading. It's Will not really unrequited but unconsummated OFC, and it's very sad, so if you're hormonal or sensitive, you won't want to offer.

Small snippet:

a study in raspberryCollapse )

* * *

And third, I think I just bunnied myself. I already have the Curios fic (an episode by episode look at what Will remembers about Helen), the 'almost caught' fic (shh secret), and a space AU in progress. Noir detective Will and client Magnus, anyone?

* * *

Fourth and unrelatedly: OMGPRIMEVAL. Becker! Emily! Matt! Jess! Abby! Reeeeeeeeeeeex! Connor!
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03 June 2011 @ 03:01 pm
Title: His Scarlett
Fandom: Sanctuary/The Vampire Diaries for G:YO
Characters: Caroline Forbes, Will Zimmerman, Helen Magnus
For: silensy who is sick

What Scarlett wantsCollapse )
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02 June 2011 @ 11:59 am
Looks like there are a few of us interested in an impromptu Will/Helen smut challenge, so let's do it! This is a really informal thing, just friends, so I don't want to put too much pressure on it. But it does work best if people communicate, talk to each other, inspire each other, and stuff. So, I either need email addresses to make an email group or ljs to make a filter.

Here's my list of participants so far:


Challenge prompt: "almost getting caught"

Challenge parameters: has to be Will/Helen, sex (as explicit as you want it), lets call it at least 500 words but can be as long as you want.

You can interpret "almost getting caught" any way you want. The fun of it is in what a group of different writers will do with the same idea. AU is fine. Writing more than one is fine.

I think we should have a due date, just because I will procrastinate forever if I don't have one. How much time do you guys want? sheikah suggested Aug. 1. I'm one of those who will write the whole thing in 3 days no matter how much time I have. So whatever works for you guys.

Also, if you know anyone else who might want in, let them know before I filter it for us all to talk (if we want!) about our ideas.
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31 May 2011 @ 07:54 pm
So, here I was, minding my own business (read: RPing and talking to sheikah about things Sanctuary), and all of the sudden the aforesaid sheikah mentions filthyhot shower masturbation porn by kageygirl and ten minutes later, I'm the one who needs a shower. JESUS. It's perfect, so you should all go read it.

And then, when you're done reading it and you decide, like me, that there needs to be more filthyhot Will/Helen in the world, come back here. Because I have a proposition for you.

* * *

Read it? Great, isn't it? Need more? I know, right?

So, here's my thing. A million years ago now, poisontaster, derryderrydown and I did a three-writer challenge for Torchwood. All three of us took the same idea, gave ourselves a deadline, and wrote three totally different fics about it. The idea? The first time Ianto fucked Jack. Not their first time, but the first time Ianto physically topped. (Mine's here Getting to Yes, Derry's is here Pobol y Ffaglcoedwig and I can't find PT's, so if you know where it is, let me know?)

I want to do it again. This time with some Will/Helen shippers. So. I need two things. I need Will/Helen shippers who want to write fic. And we need a smut prompt that's specific enough that you'll be able to see it's the same germ of an idea for all of the authors, but wide open enough that a group of authors can do entirely different things with it.

Who is in? And throw those ideas at us even if you're not writing!
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Title: Apologia, or Wishful Thinking
Fandom: Sanctuary
Pairing: Will/Abby, potential Will/Magnus implied
Spoilers: Wingman
For: sheikah, ceilidh (also shetiger, liliofthevalley, kageygirl)
What: 1271 words at 2:53 am because my Will-muse won't let me sleep.
Because: See my default icon. Canon Error: Apply Fanfic.

ApologiaCollapse )
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21 April 2011 @ 07:59 am
Leave the name of a character/person from a fandom you know I'm in or have ever been in, and I will tell you

* How I FEEEEEL about this character
* All the people I ship romantically with this character
* My non-romantic OTP for this character -
* My unpopular opinion about this character
* One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon.

Stolen from linaerys and others.

Go ahead, please, even if we don't know each other. It's early, I'm awake, and I don't want to do the things I need to do.

* * *

I am still working on ficlets from the kissing meme I did a few weeks ago, too.

* * *

RP continues to eat my soul. For anyone who is curious, my current character roster is: Dick Grayson/Nightwing (DCU), Sam Winchester (SPN), Col. Samantha Carter (SG1), Dani Moonstar/Mirage (Marvel), Eliot Spencer (Leverage), Urd (Ah! My Goddess), Dr. Will Zimmerman (Sanctuary), Warren Kenneth Worthington III/Angel (Marvel), Clarice Ferguson/Blink (Marvel), with Rose (The Vampire Diaries) and Captain Hilary Becker (Primeval) waiting in the wings with another version of Dani. Yes, that is a lot of RP. If you wondered where my writing went, now you know.
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Title: Say it
Fandoms: Supernatural/Angel
Pairing: Sam/Lindsey
Words: 767
Rating: Oh so very NSFW
Note: Crossover AU, nowhere particular
Prompt: Kisses: Sam/Lindsey, please
For: meredevachon

Say itCollapse )

* * *

Other kiss prompts so far:
Give me a reason, Damon/Rose, The Vampire Diaries

an innovative dabbler
Title: Give me a reason
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Pairing: Damon/Rose
Words: roughly 850
Note: AU, obvs. in that Rose didn't die
Prompt: Damon/Rose, give me a reason
For: meredevachon

give me a reasonCollapse )

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06 April 2011 @ 02:22 pm
give me two characters I write (from the same or different canons), and a prompt, and I'll tell you about one time they kiss.

canons: Angel, Being Human (US), Bones, BTVS, Burn Notice, The Closer (just Brenda, Fritz and Sharon), Community, Fringe, Glee, Hawaii Five-O (reboot), Hellcats, Human Target, In Plain Sight, L&O:SVU, Leverage, NCIS, NICIS:LA, Nikita (reboot), Off the Map, Rizzoli & Isles, Royal Pains, Sanctuary, Saving Grace, Supernatural, Sherlock, CWRPS, Torchwood, True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Warehouse 13, White Collar, DCU (Bats, mostly), Marvel (X-men/New Mutants, mostly), crossovers.

I know I've been sucking at this lately with the memes, but I've been writing again and I'd like to keep writing. So, if you give me something, I'll try.

Stolen from just_katarin naturally.
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02 April 2011 @ 11:59 am
A couple of sleepless nights ago on Twitter @aerynvala and I (@technosage) got into a conversation about OCs and the use of them in fanfic. Allie is a fannish Victorian?Collapse )

Title: Laura
Fandom: Sanctuary
Character: Will Zimmerman
Type: pre-series, formative moment
Word count: 1548
Words yesterday/today from last night after midnight: 662
What I like so far: still loving the details, the ability to throw in whatever I want about things I know without it seeming odd or off, Will's wryness
What I don't like: not really knowing very much about psych programs and psych beyond pop-psych. Research time.

Part of him wants to follow, but there’s following a mystery and then there’s stalking.Collapse )

Still/started watching Sanctuary?
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25 March 2011 @ 01:56 pm
Improbably enough, considering everything I have to do today, I've been writing again. More Sanctuary. More Will-words. Have I mentioned I love looking at the world from inside his brain? He sees things in such amazingly rich detail. I've forgotten how to do that. It's nice to remember.

Tentative Title: Laura
Fandom: Sanctuary
Character: Will Zimmerman
Type: pre-series, formative moment
Word count: 862 so far
Today: 576
What I love about it so far: the rhythm, the details, the insights
What I don't love about it: not being done any time soon
Note: I think the title/OFC name, even snatches of visuals, come from Chris Christofferson's Think of Laura and my memories of Laura's return to General Hospital after Stavros had her captive on the Ice Princess. Humorously, I was indulging in memories of this this week before Castle. I have become one with my television shows.

In ten years, they"ll call it fusion; now, it"s still "Mediterranean".Collapse )
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For the past week and a bit, I've stayed off IM, done my RP tags, hung out with my internet wife without computers, gone out to eat, watched tv, done my job, put on makeup when I left the house - you know lived my life. I'd forgotten, somehow, how much of an introvert I can be and how much I really need recharge time or I start to feel like my life is just a series of moments parceled out to whichever of my friends or contacts need me most with little caring for what I want.

I've commented elsewhere on the immediate lessons of this hiatus, but the most important one is that I haven't lost the drive to write or the ideas to do it with. I haven't become a collection of other peoples' voices and other peoples' problems and other peoples' POVs. I do still have a perspective, both critical and aesthetic.

Jesus god. *clings to words* I missed it.

Who knows how long my immersion in it will last, but I'm taking it and running with it. Means I'll likely continue to be less available by IM unless I'm there for a reason. Nothing personal, my lovely friends. Email's good. I just need to shut the door to my writing den for awhile and see what tumbles out.

Here's what's tumbling out today: a Sanctuary, pre-series Will story, AU only in that we have no idea where he went to school and my views on it are defensible, but highly particularized.

Tentative title: Laura
Fandom: Sanctuary
Character: Will Zimmerman
Type: pre-series, formative moment
Word count: 280 so far
What I love about it: everything so far
What I don't love about it: the fact that I may not finish it today

A gust of late October wind up Euclid carries the promise of snowCollapse )
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19 March 2011 @ 02:35 pm
All right, flist, don't fail me. I'm trying to come back to LJ, really, and maybe even to fandom. I know I say that so often you don't care anymore. I'm sorry. :(

But I really want to come back. I'm obsessed with Sanctuary suddenly. There can never be too much Amanda Tapping for one thing. How is the woman so incredibly gorgeous? I want to look half that good. But also, it hits every bloody one of my kinks: myth-arc, history, monsters are real, ensemble cast, strong women, surprisingly good acting, lots of room in the story for telling my own, and the ambience & color palette is so me, with the cathedral-like settings, the noir and mystery... I'm in love, okay, and it doesn't hurt that I found a ship that hits my kinks too. No, no it's not slash, although there could be some slash, and...yeah.

There's just stories I want to tell in this universe.

So the question, flist, is a) are you watching it? b) do you care? c) would you read it? d) what do you love about it if you're watching it?

(I'll be surprised if any of you answer me I've been gone so long, but I'd love to talk to you if you're still there. ♥)
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13 January 2011 @ 05:34 pm
Most recently, beanside.

Pick a character and I will give and explain the top five ideas/concepts/etc I keep in mind while writing that character that I believe are essential to accurately depicting them.

Any of my RP characters present or future, any character I've written whether RPF or canon. Go. I know I suck at keeping up my commitments, so I'm not even going to promise. But I'm having fun with this elsewhere, so I'll try.
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01 January 2011 @ 11:32 am
I didn't sign up for Yuletide this year, because I sucked last year and didn't finish my story. I didn't want to do that again, so I only did a pinchhit when I knew I would get around to it. In typical me fashion, I did write nearly all 9616 words in a single day, so it's not the most perfect thing I've ever written. But I'm proud of it and the recipient did seem to like it. Since I haven't written much the last year, I'm hoping that having knocked out an almost ten thousand word six (seven) fandom crossover for Yuletide means I'm coming back.

Chancequest: How Ilsa Pucci Turned My Life Into an MMORPG - a Human Target, Stargate: Atlantis, Eureka, Warehouse 13, Criminal Minds, Leverage (Final Fantasy XIV) crossover for shinealightonme. Enjoy!

Anyway, Happy New Year, everyone. I hope 2011's good to us. 2010 was rough, so we deserve it.
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Title: Six Months, Two Weeks, One Question to a New You
Fandom: CWRPS AU
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Prompts: second chance; second time Jared asked Jensen to have sex - from shinywhimsy and keyweegirlie prompts given in this meme here.
Current wordcount: 511

I swore I'd write 500 words per day come hell or high water for the whole week. I wrote my 500 yesterday but the fic itself seems to want to be considerably longer. So, as proof of concept, from yesterday's writing:

“You don’t think there’s anything wrong with that?” Now Jensen looks like what’s her name from season one, Amy something, when he blew her off after the third time he fucked her.

“Don’t be a jealous bitch, baby.” Jared snags another can from the half-six on the table and breaks it open. “You turned me down.”

“Jesus, you’re a douche.”

Another update later today, I hope. Happy Thanksgiving to you!
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23 November 2010 @ 06:58 pm
Title: Rather Obvious
Fandom: Sherlock
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Prompt: The second time John woke up to find Sherlock touching him intimately; from svilleficrecs and this request for prompts.
Word Count: 926 words
Note: This is the first time I've attempted Sherlock fic. It's the first time I've attempted fic in many months. I'm not displeased with how it turned out.

Rather ObviousCollapse )